The frequency converter is an electronic device that controls and controls the rotational speed of an AC motor by adjusting the frequency and magnitude of the motor supply voltage. VFD- (Variable-Frequency Drive) can be used in the following industries:
  • HVAC Refrigerator (Fan, Pump, Compressor)
  • Metals & Materials Management (Fan, Pump, Compressor, Conveyor, Press, Winder -Drawing Machine, Winder -Stranding Machine, Hoist -Hoist, Hoist -Trolley, Gantry, Synchronized Position Control -Grinder, Synchronized Position Control -Automatic Lathe)
  • Elevator & Escalator (Escalator, Multistory Parking Space)
  • Textiles (Fan, Pump, Compressor, Spinning Machine)
  • Plastic & Rubber (Fan, Pump, Compressor, Conveyor, Mixer, Extruder, Injection Molding, Winder)
  • Energy (Fan, Pump, Compressor, Conveyor, High-capacity Fan & Pump -Power Generation Industry)
  • Marin (Fan, Pump, Compressor, Conveyor, Winch -Gantry, Trolley)
  • Food & Beverage (Fan, Pump, Compressor, Conveyor, Mixer, Extruder, Packing Machine-Synchronization, Position Control, Cutting Machine-Synchronization, Position Control, Labeling Machine-Synchronization, Position Control, Hoist -Hoist, Hoist -Gantry, Trolley)
  • Pulp & Pape ( Fan, Agitator Pump, Compressor, Roller Drum, Drying Machine, Coating Machine, Slitter
  • Mining (Fan, Pump, Compressor, Conveyor, Excavators, Crane)
  • Oil & Gas Chemical (Fan, Oil & Rod Pump, Compressor, Conveyor, Mixer, Extruder)
  • Crane & Hoist (Crane, Hoist -Gantry, Trolley, Automatic Garage)
  •  Water & WastewaterFan, Pump, Compressor, Mixer)
3-Phase 400V G100 Class (0.4~7.5kW)
3-Phase 400V S100 Class (0.4-75KW)
3-phsae 400V Class IS7 (0.75~22kW)
3-phase 400V Class IS7 (30~375kW)
3-Phase 400V H100 Class (0.75~22kW)
3-Phase 400V H100 Class (30.0~90.0kW)
3-Phase 400V H100 Class (110.0~500.0kW)
3-Phase 400V iV5 Class (2.2~800.0kW)




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