Robot and Cobot gripping solutions


We provide an extensive offering for all types of palletizing and de-palletizing operations, no matter if you are looking for ergonomic handling equipment, components, and sub-systems to build your own End of Arm Tool or ready-to-use palletizing End of Arm Tools for industrial robots or collaborative robots. We also provide demolding and de-gating applications in the plastic industry with our modular component portfolio, custom-made parts, and components from well-known brands when building your End of Arm Tools. Advanced gripping solutions are complete gripper systems for specific application areas.


We offer piCOBOT® – specialized cobot gripper for bin picking and kitting. Small, powerful, and ready to collaborate with human workers acting as a flexible co-worker in a variety of lines. Included with the piCOBOT® is UR Caps plug-in software for the teach pendant, to ensure easy programming and quick installation of piCOBOT® for the customers.


Kenos KCS pump

We offer a Kenos® KCS pump unit that has everything needed already included – the powerful vacuum components, sensor technology, silencer, and optional valve technology – requiring only a single mounting and connection step to the cobot. The connection to the Rethink Robotics brand cobots Clicksmart system is directly possible, for others adapters are available.


Kenos Vacuum Gripper

We offer the full KVG (Kenos® Vacuum Gripper) family consisting of KVG120 (120mm width) and KVG60 (60mm width) with multiple options to use technical foams or suction cups. The KVG grippers come with integrated vacuum generators or port(s) to an external vacuum source. The KVG grippers are fully flexible automation grippers and include sophisticated flow-control technologies.
The KVG family is a suitable and flexible solution for automated box palletizing, depalletizing, and as well as product loading and unloading applications in several different industries.


Kenos Heavy Vacuum Gripper

KHVG series products, Kenos® Heavy Vacuum Gripper, are designed for heavy-duty applications in the wood and stone industry. KHVG gripping systems are suitable for handling, normally complete layers, of sawn timber, heavy planking, raw wood, and materials for building, such as bricks. They are also useful to handle very long and arcuate workpieces.
KHVG systems are prepared for external vacuum generation with a side channel blower. Provided with shutter check valve technology with a low sensibility to the dust.


Kenos Bag Cup

We offer KBC series products, Kenos® Bag Cup, which was born from the need of handling alimentary and not liquid bags, but are suitable also in the flowpack application. In KBC vacuum gripping systems, the integrated and modular COAX® vacuum cartridge gives the module flexibility. A version for external vacuum generation is available. A side channel blower is used when the application condition suggests it.


Kenos Sack Gripper

We offer KSG series products, Kenos® Sack Gripper, which are suitable to handle sacks with different shapes, weights, and materials. The specific know-how in this segment, has driven us to develop systems dedicated to all the different applications of this industry. The integrated and modular vacuum generation makes the KSG flexible and reliable. The version for an external vacuum generator is available. We have a version for palletization or de-palletization.


Kenos Vacuum Gripper Layer - Standard

We offer the KVGL-S product series, Kenos® Vacuum Gripper Layer – Standard, which looks at the wide world of packaging, end line automation, and other applications. Our adjustable check valve technology and the H40mm technical foam allows for superior gripping on different kind of boxes, wrap-around packaging, and primary ones. The large availability of standard dimensioning and the modularity, make this series highly effective.


Kenos Vacuum Layer - Cans Jars

We offer the KVGL-CJ series, Kenos® Vacuum Layer – Cans Jars, which was born for the need to handle the complete layer of cans, jars that can be open or closed on the gripping area. Typical industrial segments involved are palletizing or de-palletizing in packaging, beverage, and food.


End Of Arm Tools

For the typical industrial robot palletizing and de-palletizing operations Piab offers a wide range of End Of Arm Tools (EOAT) that are available both as custom-made and standard configurations. All tools are designed to secure that your operations are safe, that no goods are damaged, run with the highest efficiency, and that maintenance is simple and kept to a minimum. The EOAT comes with a variety of options such as pallet handling, slip sheet systems, sensors, etc.


Accessories to optimize Kenos Vacuum gripping systems

Different accessories to optimize Kenos® Vacuum gripping systems.




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