Micro-bore size


We offer shock absorbers for absorbing the energy that is generated during a movement. These products work by converting kinetic energy to thermal energy. The use of industrial shock absorbers ensures longer machine life, higher operating speed, improved production quality, safer machinery operation, and thanks to these increased productivities, and lower maintenance costs.
We use different formulas to help you choose the right product for a wide range of applications. Sizing software is also available for this task.


We offer non-adjustable micro-bore hydraulic shock absorbers that can accommodate varying energy conditions. The size is from M6x0,5 mm to M10x1,0 mm, the stroke between 4 mm and 6,4 mm, the total energy per cycle is between 1 Nm/c and 6 Nm/c, and the maximum propelling force is 89 N. Non-adjustable models are designed to absorb maximum energy within a compact size.



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