Clamp Cylinders


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Clamp Cylinder

We offer different types of clamp cylinders that thanks to the special design are especially suitable for fixing products in a position for an assembly or for welding.

We offer a round shape clamp cylinder. There is a fork on the side of the front cover to secure the pivot point. The sensors could be assembled on the side of the cylinder with a kit that gives signals from the opened and closed positions. There is a scraping dust ring in the front cover and it is firm and durable that can avoid dust and splashed welding slag breaking cylinders. It is more reliable than a dust helmet.


Lever clamp cylinder

We offer a lever-type of clamp cylinder, that gives high clamping force. Simple mounting of sensors on all four sides of the body. A hard anodized body gives smooth lines and high corrosion resistance.


Power clamp cylinder

We offer an oval type of clamp cylinder, that is suitable for the space-limited application. Rod-crank-slider structure made of high-strength, highly-wear-resisting material is adopted. The stable and reliable structure can produce a large clamping force at low working pressure. The cylinder remains clamping position with a self-locking mechanism even if there is no air input. Welding slag and magnetic field proof sensor are available.


Rotary clamp cylinder

We offer ultra-compact, lightweight, and space-saving rotary clamp cylinders.  These swing clamps are used when it is required to keep the fixture workpiece area free of straps and clamping components for unrestricted workpiece loading and unloading.




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