Pneumatic Cylinders with Brand Standard and Custom stroke lengths

What is a Pneumatic Cylinder

We know that Pneumatic Cylinders are mechanical devices which produce force by using energy from compressed air for linear motion. They consist of a bore, a piston, a piston rod, and of a cylinder, with many accessories from mounting elements to sensors and repairing kits.

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Where to use Pneumatic Cylinders

Pneumatic cylinders are used in many industries for the automation of machines and industrial processes. The force and motion produced by pneumatic cylinders can be used for example in mechanisms such as clamping, ejecting, blocking, and lifting. In many factories they are used in repetitive pick-up and placement of objects into a machine or equipment. The main areas of application of the pneumatic cylinders manufactured by Tech-Con are the packaging industry, material handling, machine industry, vehicle industry, assembly industry, robotics, food industry, bottling, biotechnology, woodworking.

Brand Standard and Custom stroke lengths

Many Suppliers, Brands, have their own Standard stroke sizes for the Pneumatic Cylinders. So when the cylinder is broken, the machine stops, and the production is interrupted, you need to replace the pneumatic cylinder with the proper measurements as soon as possible. Either you have a replacement in stock, or you need a quick solution to avoid a serious loss.

Benefits of Tech-Con

Thanks to our experience we can provide any stroke lengths for ISO 21287 Compact, ISO 15552 Standard, and ISO 6432 Mini pneumatic cylinders at our site. We also manufacture pneumatic cylinders with piston rods and threads of different sizes according to personalized needs. Our pneumatic cylinders can be used for individual applications such as dusty, aggressive, or dirty work environments.

We provide a quick and high-quality solution for such emergencies! As a supplier to the industry, we consider it extremely important to be able to serve our customers as soon as possible. That is why we manufacture ISO 21287 Compact, ISO 15552 Standard, and ISO 6432 Mini pneumatic cylinders with a 24-hour commitment period at our site, even with individual stroke lengths.

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